SBG Computers
  • No call out fee
  • Unsocial hours cover: We can visit you in the evenings or at weekends if this is more convenient for you.
  • Free telephone advice: We can often solve customer’s problems by talking it through on the phone with them.
  • Someone to speak to: Please call anytime to speak to one of our office staff- we aim to answer your call 6 days a week from 9-5. When we’re not available simply leave a message and we will return your call.
  • Custom-built PC’s. We can build anything to your specification and your budget. We can adapt your PC for your particular requirements.
  • Upgrades. Perhaps you want your computer to go a little faster, acquire more memory, upgrade Windows 98, XP, Vista to Windows 7, but don’t want to spend a fortune. We can offer a very affordable upgrade.
  • Back-up software: It is now possible for us to back up your computer with a remote software package, securing any valuable documents from being lost or destroyed.
  • Virus removal or protection: We can remove viruses and protect your computer against any intruders by installing anti-virus programmes, such as Firewall or Bullguard
  • Computer cleaning: We can provide a complete computer cleaning service, where components can be professionally cleaned, aiding your PC to work more efficiently. At £15 your whole PC will be dust free.
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